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Virtual infidelity

More and more cases of couples are known that break when one of the members of the same discovers the erotic internuclear incursions of the other. The "discovered" usually adduces that nothing has happened, that the exchange with that other man or that other woman has not gone beyond a going and coming of messages online on best free dating sites. The reality is that they are often told the occasions in which the actual encounter occurs. A large number of people "hysterics" via social networks, whatsapp, chats, etc. Do not make a physical encounter with their virtual partner, limiting the erotic or sentimental exchange to the Web. This does not mean that cyber infidelity is less "serious" or less painful than the other. It will depend on each couple and their contract how to follow - or not - from the discovery of it. What usually seduces these people in the network, besides the fantasy, is the projection of an ideal in that other that is on the other side of the screen, as opposed to what you have at home: a person already known – very probably beloved - but that no longer offers the adrenaline that that stranger (or that known yet not "obtained", almost like the ring of a Calista) usually offers. The specialists agree that discovering one's own partner in these virtual binges usually has the same emotional impact as discovering the physical and tangible fact. The truth is that the manifestation of this infidel behavior usually comes from other problems: dissatisfaction with routine, with the current relationship or some of its facets, the desire to meet someone new, capacity testing To seduce ... All variables that can be combined or not in what, for the deceived is usually a staunch betrayal: online infidelity.


Some habitual behaviors of the "virtual infidels":

  • They spend countless hours in front of the computer and often lose track of what is happening around them. While the rest of the family sleeps, they are in front of the machine.
  • It has less and less communication with its environment.
  • They startle when interrupted by chatting or chatting.
  • They usually have password locked all their gadgets: cell phone, tablet, desktop PC.
  • They erase even the smallest register of their cyber activity.
  • They live slaves on their mobile phone and take him to the bathroom.
  • They usually give names of fantasy to their partners.
The other side of the coin of virtual infidelity is the couple search sites. Those who subscribe to a site of these characteristics seek a love, not a touch and go. The bulk of those who register on our dating sites, the number 1 dating portal in the world, for example, indicate that they are looking for a relationship with commitment. More than 75% of the site's users claim to want a partner with intentions to build a serious link.
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